Welcome to my blog! The story so far…

Well hello, welcome to my new blog!! I’m currently on maternity leave as i had my first baby in October 2011 – a little boy called Rowan and what better way to fill my day when the little one sleeps (which isn’t very often at the moment!) than writing a blog!!

I used to write a bit of a healthy living blog, where i shared my experiences of healthy eating and training for the 2 half marathons that i ran in 2009 and 2010. I feel like my life has moved on in a different direction slightly since then hence the new blog. Not sure what genre this will fall into…i guess a bit of a mommy blog but i will also post about everything and anything i choose really!

So to bring you up to speed on my life as it currently is, i have to go back a whole year….

My husband and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary in October 2010, we had a lovely romantic weekend in Worcester, this is the city we met at university. It was this weekend we decided that we wanted to start a family and would try in the new year, i was not getting any younger as i was turning 30 the next month LOL!


Our anniversary weekend in Worcester, Oct 2010

Anyway the new year arrived and we said from the start that we would be relaxed about the whole thing (i had it in my head that it could take months…even years to get pregnant). About 3 weeks into January 2011, i had a number of things that made me feel different – i knew secretly that i was hoping it was something positive – nose bleeds, congested nose…the sorest boobs ever!

I was one day late, so i tested…


And what do you know….i was pregnant! It was quite a shocker as we hadn’t thought it would happen so quick and we needed to get our heads round the whole thing! We were so excited and held our breaths that everything would be ok – we didn’t tell people until we had had our first scan… i loved telling everyone as i felt like i was lying to so many people keeping our little secret to ourselves.

baby bnb 20 week scan

Each midwife appointment came and went, before we knew it the due date was fast approaching…and then 4 days after my due date the contractions started (i will go into more detail on the birth in another post)…almost 36 hours later…(yes it was a long labour!!!) Our beautiful, perfect son was born…we did not find out what we were having so the surprise was an extra bonus after the long labour.


Rowan is one month old today and i am adjusting to life as a mommy just about, I’m just about coping on the small amount sleep that i get and my boobs are getting used to being fed on multiple times a day!!

I really hope you enjoy this blog, and seeing me evolve as a ‘hopefully’ wonderful mommy!


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