Why does it never look like the photo?!!!

One thing i love about being a mommy and having a baby is the lovely visitors you have – people that care about you that want to meet the new arrival.

A good friend from work a young man called Adam has wanted to meet Rowan for weeks but our diaries kept clashing, but all being well he will be coming round this evening for a munch of the little man.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to trial a recipe out of my new baking book which Rowan with the help of daddy – bought me for my birthday earlier this month…The Great British Book of Baking!

Review For Official Book for The Great British Bake off

The other reason i really wanted to bake a cake is because Ollie’s aunt gave me this…



her old Kenwood food mixer! It’s old, it’s heavy and i love it!!!

So I chose to make the cherry cake and made it last night when Rowan was having cuddles with daddy.


(Rowan is trying to watch the tv behind him… tv addict!)

This is how the cake looks in the book…

DSCF0335 DSCF0343

this is how my cake turned out…

DSCF0341 DSCF0344

It sank in the middle and the cherries all went to the bottom of the cake! However it does taste rather nice! I’m not sure where i went wrong but maybe i rushed the mixing of the ingredients because i was in between feeds? One day i will cook something that almost resembles the picture in the book!!

I will let you know Adam’s verdict later today!

Am i the only one that has this problem?!!


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