Which Blog Header?? Please Help!!

**Contented Corner needs your help!!**

So today i got better acquainted with GIMP, an image manipulation program that you can download free from the internet, it’s apparently very similar to photoshop but has the added bonus that it is free!

I decided to try and have a go at making headers for my blog & would really love to have your opinion on them – I’m not sure which one to choose from the following…

  1. Untitled
  2. header sample
  3.  sample 2 
  4. sample 3

I know they’re not going to win any awards but they’re a lot better than i have ever managed to put together on my blog before!

Anyway, back to my day – i woke up to the sound of the strongest wind and rain than i have ever heard in my house, my bedroom is in a converted loft so i was way up there in the weather! I felt so sorry for Ollie getting up for work, i would not have liked to have gone out there!

Because the bedroom was nice and cosy with the heavy rain noise outside, I’m sure it made Rowan sleep so soundly i actually managed to get a few things done off my Flylady net routines that i copied from the website – i felt like i had accomplished something during Ro’s nap time!

I also put a mini errand list together to help me through the day, the only things i didn’t achieve was the car MOT (can’t find the bloomin’ certificate!) and the getting some fresh air…

… because of this, torrential weather! Oh well, i looked on the bright side, i managed to get some house work done.

When Rowan woke up from his early morning sleep, i fed him and then fed myself. I really fancied granola with a splash of milk, greek yoghurt, maple syrup and almond butter, so that is exactly what i went for…

… when i said a splash i got a little distracted and drowned the granola, it’s good i like milk!

When Rowan had his mid morning nap i threw some veggies and beef in the slow cooker so we could have stew for dinner and i didn’t have to stand over a hot stove! In the mix;

  • Stewing beef
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 2 pints gravy and stock & 20 minutes before serving
  • red lentils to thicken
  • dumplings”

I quickly prepped lunch also as i heard Rowan start to stir, we are trying to use as much as we can in the fridge before we buy lots of veggies and lentils in next weeks shop. I had a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I love smoked salmon and it was one of the things i most missed when i was pregnant, i’m making up for it now though!

I chomped the bagel down in time for Rowan’s next feed, we then had play time for a little while and then my chilled out little dude was tired again! I love how cute he is when he sleeps, he has to have his dummy and snuggle bum (blue comforter he is clutching on to)!!

When Ro gets into a deep sleep i know i can then put him down, i then treated myself to a Dr Stuart’s Tranquillity tea, i have been feeling really content today so the tea just added to this feeling! I love the taste of this one, i think it is the fennel that does it for me!

The stew this evening turned out perfect, the beef was exceptionally good (bought from Lidl) and just melted in the mouth.


I soon sent myself off to bed after dinner as i am suffering with a cough and cold – the worst part about it is as i am breastfeeding i can’t really take anything for it. I made myself some honey and lemon to drink whilst i’m in bed – not sure it will do anything but it might?

Well that’s another day in the world of motherhood over for me, my baby is 12 weeks old today and i can’t believe how quick it has gone and how much my boy changes each day – i kind of miss my bump and go all gooey when i hear someone is pregnant or i see a new born… please don’t tell me I’m feeling broody already!!!

Does anyone out there no of any other natural alternatives to cold/cough medication? I would really appreciate your help!


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