Baby Massage

Today was mine & Rowan’s first baby massage class, now he is 3 months old and more alert i want to do a lot more activities with the little man,

but before i left the house this morning i had breakfast and one of these…

A luscious green smoothie! In the mix was;

  • 2 HUGE handfuls of baby spinach
  • 1 tsp Almond butter
  • 1 drop natural almond flavour
  • 8oz milk

It was divine! I could feel the goodness take over my body with every sip, i really do love green smoothies. I’m going to call this one Double Almond Green Smoothie!

After gulping my smoothie down i went up and woke sleepy head who i had put in my bed earlier in the morning for a snuggle…

I love the way he sleeps opened mouthed like me when he is in deep sleep!

We got ready and went to baby massage, the session started at 10:30am which is usually Rowan’s nap time but fortunately he was wide awake and raring to go!

The babies were laid out on a mat and towel, today’s session was working on the legs (each session over the next 5 weeks will work on a different body part) – the instructor gave us all a little bottle of organic sunflower oil which didn’t leave the skin greasy. Rowan loved it! I can’t wait to try it out on him later before bath time.

The session starts with getting mommy relaxed by simply breathing in and out a few times… a relaxed mommy means a relaxed baby. Mom then puts the oil in her hands and whilst rubbing the oil in the hands you have to ask the baby permission to massage them… i thought this was a little crazy when i heard her say it but actually when i asked Rowan if he would like a massage he beamed back at me… which i took as ‘yes’!

We then worked on the legs and moved onto the feet and finally the buttocks – Rowan chatted, smiled and laughed through most of the massage but tiredness overcame him and we ended the session like this!


I think that confirms that baby massage is relaxing he was out for the count!!

I really enjoyed the session and am looking forward to taking him again next week to work on the tummy. Rowan was actually so relaxed i even had time to take my car into the garage for its MOT and walk back into town with him and he didn’t wake once!

He has woke for a feed and is now back asleep! I hope he sleeps tonight!

Right I’m off to do a mad clean up of the living room/kitchen whilst he sleeps!


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