Learning to be thrifty…

Well i blogged earlier in the week about setting up a household budget as things are a little tighter now that i am on maternity leave and not on full pay, i have 3 budgets to worry about and after 1 week on this budget how have i done…

Budget 1 Food Shopping £50 per week –  as we were using up all leftovers from xmas and things in our stock cupboard i only spent £35 of the £50 budget, this means we have a bit more money for this weeks shop. Ollie went to Lidl today and did quite a big shop which only came to £44, leaving us with about £21 for fresh produce throughout the week – so all in all this budget is going very well!

Budget 2 Petrol £20 per week – the car already had half a tank of petrol and i stayed quite local with Rowan this week so i can carry this over for next weeks petrol budget.

Budget 3 My personal allowance of £20 per week – i did go out for coffee earlier in the week with one of my friends from antenatal class and it was her turn to get the coffees so i only spent £2 this week on the below GAP romper suit for Rowan, i got it in a local shop in Honiton where they sell 2nd hand ‘designer’ clothes – Bargain!!! I also enjoyed browsing the local library and took out a few books.

I’ve had a stinking cold for a couple of weeks so last week was quite a chill out week so my money went quite far as i did not leave the house too much.

As i was so good i treated Ollie and I to a coffee at our Local Boston Tea Party yesterday;

we met up with our antenatal friends – our babies were born on the same day and are gorgeous!!!

Here is Rowan and his *girl*friend Chloe, she is 1.5 hours older than him.

Rowan loves the Boston Tea Party!

I had my usual Boston Latte – it really is the best coffee for miles…

All the socialising got to Rowan, so he had nap time!

I really do love this little man!

When i got home that evening, I finally caught up with the new trend ‘Pinterest’ last night, i received my invitation and started pinning lots of photos from lots of random websites, i now see what all the appeal is about… i was on it until about 1am, hence not blogging yesterday – whoops!

Is anybody else loving Pinterest?


2 thoughts on “Learning to be thrifty…

    • Pinterest is a virtual pin board for anything you like! I am always copying images from the web into Word for one thing or another and this is an easier way of doing it. I created a board for my ‘Dream House’ and everytime i see a photo on the web that would look great in my dream house i ‘Pin it’ to my Dream House pin board – it’s a lot simpler than i am explaining it!

      Boston is only a 5 min walk from mine also! Thank goodness they have loyalty cards!

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