Death by Chocolate Cake!!!

Yesterday we had our antenatal friends over for some dinner, they are vegetarian so Ollie & I looked forward to being a bit creative with what we cooked for them. Ollie concentrated on the main (bean enchiladas) and i made the dessert.

So off we popped to the shops… It has gone bitterly cold down in the South West, we made sure Rowan was well wrapped up…

The dessert i decided on was from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Everyday Cookbook – Easy Chocolate Cake!

The ingredients is heart attack inducing but as long as we only eat it once in a while it will be fine!

First i had to melt the chocolate and butter together (i totally cheated and did this in the microwave)…

Meanwhile, in my trusted Kenwood Chef i mixed the egg yolks, castor & soft brown sugar…

In a separate bowl i whisked up the egg whites until i could make firm peaks…

I added the chocolate to the egg/sugar mixture – this was done gradually to prevent the egg from curdling…

The egg white was folded in…

Followed by the flour & almond…

The finished product… a yummy gooey cake, topped with channel Island thick cream! (as if there wasn’t enough calories!)

The bean enchilada was a total success too, i will recreate soon as my husband made it and i haven’t a clue what he did! We had leftovers today with fries & salad – delicious!


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