Busy, busy day!

Yesterday was such a busy day, i didn’t get to post this last night – Rowan is also having his 3 months growth spurt so wants to breastfeed ALOT!

We started the day bright and early for baby massage, i realised the other day that i hardly put any photos on of myself, so here i am…

I am one of the luckiest mommy’s in the world as i get to look at this every single morning…

We got up, got fed and got ready to leave the house, it was icy cold again yesterday morning so i wrapped up Rowan with so many layers he could hardly move! Can you see my 2 breakfast cookies on Ro, i munched them on the way to the class! (just realised how wrong the cookies look on him!!!)

It was lovely and warm at baby massage, this week we worked on the babies tummies – Ro really enjoys this class…

Baby massage had the desired effect on Ro, he didn’t make it to the end of class again!

We got home after class and had to go straight off to the hospital as Rowan had a hip scan. At our post natal check the dr couldn’t manipulate his hip very well so was concerned, i only had about 5 mins so i packed a very quick lunch of Ryvita and cream cheese;

and the most colourless, unappetising salad of iceberg lettuce, cucumber, apple and cheddar (i was in a mega rush!!) Ollie came home from work to join us for the appointment so i got to sit in the back and had a car picnic!

It also meant i had a little time by myself to get organised, time to myself is not something i have much of these days!

We had to wake Rowan up for the ultrasound scan, he was as good as gold – we got to see his hip sockets on the screen, which fortunately turned out to be perfect – phew!! It was better to be safe than sorry though.

The rest of the evening was spent cluster feeding Rowan, Ollie made sausage, mash & beans, lovely comfort food, just what i needed after our busy day!

Ro & I are off to see friends today – blog you later!

Now before you do anything you need to head over to Laura’s blog Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish where she has a fantastic GIVEAWAY to celebrate her blogs 2nd birthday – it’s open internationally too!


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