Big Bumbo Boy!

Just when i thought Rowan couldn’t get any cuter he goes and sits in a Bumbo!

I only sat him in it for a couple of minutes as his neck is still not that strong but he looked so pleased with himself sitting all by himself like a big boy – i can not believe he is 14 weeks old already!

We have been doing a lot of socialising this week;

Monday was baby massage and Ro also got to flirt with the nurses at the hospital during his hip scan!

Tuesday we met up with my 3 friends from work, we all gave birth within 2 weeks of each other… and we all had boys!!

**i miss my bump so much!**

I love that i have so many friends around me with babies, we all have the same worries and concerns, which is reassuring at times. This weeks topic of conversation was about whether our babies are getting enough stimulus from their toys for their age… I concluded no as a lot of the toys that Rowan has been given will benefit him more when he is older, so last night i went straight on ebay and purchased some developmental toys made by Lamaze

Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders  Toy

These cute garden rattles will attach to Rowan’s wrists and feet – how stimulating! I also want to get him a contrast toy, i like the look of ‘Sir Prance-A-lot!’…

Lamaze P&G Sir Prance-a-lot Toy

Wednesday (today) we have been socialising with antenatal friends. First we popped to Joshua’s Harvest Store for a quick hot chocolate en route – i love this place you can pick up lots of healthy foods and gorgeous gifts all under one roof.

Joshua\'s harvest store

I purchased an Oozy Orange Cake to take to my friends house to have with tea, it was delightful!

I’m not sure about Rowan, but this week has tired me out so far, tomorrow i plan to have a duvet day and watch this with the little man…

It’s time to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s


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