Birthday Cake Success!!!

Before i present to you my 2nd attempt at my moms birthday cake, i thought you would like this photo of Rowan…

I don’t wanna be a kangeroo!”

It has been so cold i have been wrapping the little man in this adorable outfit from mothercare, plus a gazillion blankets on our daily walks – he has since grown to love the outfit!

So after my first failed attempt at my moms birthday cake (i forgot to put the butter in the mixture –doh!!!), the 2nd attempt i am happy to say was a success! It took me ages to put together as had to be done in stages because of seeing & feeding Rowan, so here it is…

My mom is a fantastic knitter so that was the theme, it also had an edible tape measure going around the bottom – my mom loved it!

Talking of feeding Rowan, i am still exclusively breastfeeding – i love it & hate expressing, however it has took me a while to go out and about on my own in case i need to feed him. I’m fine if out with other people as i can suggest going for a coffee but don’t fancy doing this on my own. So last week when i ventured into Exeter to get my moms birthday present (this gorgeous Thomas Sabo charm…

I work for an airline & still fly as cabin crew although i’m on maternity leave – hence the aeroplane charm!) I ventured in on my own & was so happy to discover Mothercare had feeding/changing facilities, as soon as Rowan started making his ‘I’m hungry!’ noises i headed straight there.

Excuse Rowan’s stripy blanket, he likes to be wrapped up when feeding!

The facilities were clean, tidy and comfortable – it was so nice to feed and change Rowan whilst out and about on my own.

Another thing i am trying this week… making an effort on myself! It’s so time consuming having a baby that a new mommy can sometimes forget about themselves… i try to do my hair and wear a little bit of make up now when i know i am going out – it’s amazing how human this can make you feel!

Did you spot the cutie in the back ground?

Right, i have just got Rowan off to bed so it’s time for me to read a few pages of my book ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, then i must visit dream land too! Night all!


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