Lets Give this Blogging a go AGAIN!!!

OK, so i thought i was going to be blogging a lot more frequently than this but here i am having not blogged for 2 whole months!! I’ll be very surprised if anyone even reads this anymore!

So now my baby is sleeping more at night and i am no longer a walking zombie i have decided to try and blog regularly again. It’s also time for me to lose a bit of weight and get fit/healthier (if you follow me on twitter you will know someone asked me last week if i am pregnant again – oh the shame!!!), so i have set myself a mini challenge;

Lose 1 stone (14 lb) by the Queens Jubilee weekend (June 12)

I have 57 days to try and lose a stone – this is quite a lot of weight i know but i am going to get as close to that amount as i possibly can by eating healthy and working out – no quick fixes or radical diets!!

For some unknown reason i started watching what i was eating on Thursday, i always start on a Monday and the temptation gets too much by a weekend so thought i would try a different tactic and start on a different day! Now it is Saturday and i am happy to report that i have stuck within my allocated calories that Myfitness Pal recommended for me, I’ve also managed a to do a workout – i am going to do the Turbo Jam routine to kick this weight loss off! I’ve only owned the DVD for about 3 years and have only taken it out of the wrapper this week… Below is an example of what i have been eating;

Breakfast, scrambled egg on lightly buttered toast and a cup of tea, if i have been really hungry i have had 2 eggs or 2 slices of toast.

Lunch, delicious salads! Not all containing lettuce either, below was my favourite! King Prawns, Beetroot, Cucumber, Celery, Olives! Yum!

Dinner; homemade cottage pie – made with Quorn Mince, onion, gravy, seasoning and potato, so low fat due to the quorn! I had 1/4 of the pie and a loads of veggies.

The hardest part about starting to eat healthy the week before Easter is all the chocolate that we have been given, just look at this plate of temptation that the mother-in-law made for us, I’m begging the husband to eat it all so i don’t get weak!

Yes that’s Rocky Road and chocolate Easter muffins! Oh help me!!

The good thing about working out is i got to finally wear the workout gear someone bought me from the US earlier this year;

I’m off to Falmouth in Cornwall next weekend for our first family holiday with baby Rowan (i plan to healthy eat throughout the week but am going to treat myself to a Cornish pasty and fish & chips at some point!) , the only problem is i don’t think i get internet for my laptop, so i may try and blog from my mobile or just tweet a hell of a lot!!

Right it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow… can i resist the Easter eggs that are in the house??? To be continued…


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